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Better Breather's Support Group
Friday, November 13, 2020

Living with chronic lung disease can be easier. Our Better Breather's Support Group welcomes individuals dealing with chronic lung condition (COPD) that makes it more difficult to breath. Our group offers: • information on how COPD affects the lungs. • encouragement and support for the person with COPD and the caregiver. • current education on effective treatments, such as medications, therapies, breathing exercises, and other latest treatments. • resources available in our community to help you breath easier. • tips & strategies for daily management of COPD. Our Better Breather's Support group is facilitated by Karen Ezell, Coordinator of the Sleep Center/Neuro-diagnostics/Pulmonary Rehab/Better Breathers/ and DME at Baxter Regional Medical Center. Our group meets the 2nd Friday of each month at 2:00.

Start time:
2:00 pm

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